OK. Here’s a sample of what’s in the drop downs. Save you the drag of going there? Some good vegetarian and health stuff to start off with? The food recipes work well. A long time ago .. (dark ages) we moved away from preserved foods that contain chemicals one cannot even pronounce. Research the listed chemicals approved by the “authorities” (and many are hidden) and take a deep breath. (it may be your last eating that

We (who’s we?) use a propane gas top burning stove and are adapting to a Halogen/Infrared/Convection oven as a stove. We are using “The Sharper Image’ oven. So far so good.

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Halogen stove

Energy consumption is far better.

The recipes work very well in a conventional oven but we want to use the more economical counter top stove.
Temperatures have been adjusted and cooking times. The results are very good. So we recognise that we use electricity as a power source, but try do so as frugally as possible – thus the three in one oven. As soon as our earth bag dome home is completed we will build a wood burning oven for bread and pizza etc.

All recipes are the work of others. Where possible I will acknowledge.

Some have their origins in other countries including South Africa, Turkey and India.

I personally follow some Ayurvedic principles when it comes to eating. Some herbs we use in cooking have a healthy as well as tasting benefit.

It helps to:
Eat as much as possible fresh, home cooked, organic foods. “Organic certification” is not the only label to follow. The certification process is big business which you pay for big time. Many home grown products sold at Farmers Markets are chemical free. In some places the locals are simply too poor to purchase chemicals. And these are the people we (that word again…) support.

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Farmers market

You can also get to meet the farmer/family in most cases. Cheese, fruit and nuts are usually of good quality here too.

The market on the RHS is in Bodrum, Turkey. Cheap cheap, great value for money.

Eat your main meal between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. when the digestive ability is at it’s strongest.

Research the benefits of taking Triphala – buy it online or at a health store. And Quinoa.

Grow your own veggies and fruit.

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Home grown veggies

You do not need a huge tract of land. Good water and quality compost will go a long way.

You can build an earth bag greenhouse as well as water tanks. Quite easily.

A farmer in la la Land (far far away…lol) would like to build a wheat silo to help during harvesting time as well as store it on the farm for price benefits of selling when demand is higher.

The design is finished it’s just a matter of getting down  🙂 There is so much one can do with the earth bag system.


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Colloidal compost

I have made “Biodynamic” colloidal compost on a large scale and for home use. (ex commercial mushroom growing still ingrained… nothing beats the smell of aerobic compost! )The stuff is amazing and the method used does not require any pile turning.

No magic formula and technical turning and watering procedures. It is simple to make up and requires very little input thereafter.


Finaly, we wash our bodies and cothing etc using chemically loaded products when we could be using chemical free stuff at a fraction of the cost and far far healthier. So we will go down that road as well. (My hair still has not fallen out and lots of cat call whistles?) ha ha.So follow the drop down menu’s for some good stuff!

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