May 31

Earthbag Dome Home in Florida.

This is an Engineer approved earth bag design under construction in Live Oak, Florida.                                           Phase I currently under construction and has the bathroom incorporated in the 20 foot dome.

The rough plumbing, electrical and water systems are in place (below the floor) and we passed our first inspection with flying colors.

The blog will cover many aspects of our building experience, including:

Resources:  Where to purchase bags, all other materials as well as cost of materials, overheads and local authority charges. Also some tips on shortcuts and alternative materials you may like to consider. Calculations on quantities etc.

Building techniques: We are owner builders and are thus able to install all our engineering services. With a background in electrical and mining engineering as well as woodwork, home re-modeling, chainsaw work, fine carpentry etc. we would like to share this knowledge with those who wish to learn.

Workshops and Seminar’s:  Some will be “free” (grunt labor exchange – LOL). Some seminars covering in-depth details will have a cost coupled to it.  Details later.

So we will cover the building of the dome. On the outside we will have berms. Garden area. Colloidal compost making will be a topic.. A geodedic screened dome (wooden) will house an outside bread/pizza oven. Also a jacuzzi, built using bags. Water heated from an outside source.. We will go through all of this?
On the inside of the dome we will make our own furniture and doors using some lumber we have milled ourselves. A few methods of water heating will also be incorporated. Space heating – we may use wood burning heating in our County, so we will delve deeper into Rocket Mass ovens/furnaces. Tons of info available and Kevin has built one before. So hang in there, just need the time to get it done. :)

We hope you stay tuned and enjoy the building of this beautiful home.